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Warm congratulations to the institute is named “Major New R&D Institutions in Henan Province”

2018-07-18 10:49:51

Recently, People's Government of Henan Province issued notice, named 10 units including Zhengzhou Institute of Emerging Industrial Technology “Major New R&D Institutions in Henan Province”, this is the first batch major R&D institutions that are selected and named by the provincial government in Henan Province.

Construction of new R&D institutions, is an effective path to solve the problem of insufficient supply of innovative resources in Henan Province, and is also one of the main tasks of vigorously promoting the construction of “four one-batch” (developing a batch of innovative leading enterprises, cultivating a batch of innovative and leading talents, building a batch of innovation-oriented platforms and introducing a batch of innovative leading organizations). The reason of naming the first batch major R&D institutions by the provincial government, aims to honor excellence, set up guidance, to promote institutions continuously improve the quality of construction and innovation, and be practical to implement the demonstration, guiding and leading role.

As the first branch scientific research institution under the system of Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced in Zhengzhou, the institute adheres to the development concept of “demand-driven, people-oriented, advance step-by-step, and world-class” since its establishment, and based on the agreement degree of research advantage area in process institute and leading industries in Zhengzhou, focusing on new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, life and health, new materials and other fields, to develop talent introduction, platform construction, scientific and technological R&D, industrial incubation, etc., the development and construction have achieved notable results.

Being named with the first batch Major New R&D Institutions in Henan Province is an important affirmation for the work of the institute, so the institute will take this as an opportunity, continue to promote the development of talent introduction and construction of innovation platform, push forward the implementation and transformation of major scientific and technological achievements, pioneering in the formation of Chinese Academy of Sciences’ innovation base in Zhengzhou, and give full play to the technical support and leading and exemplary role in the development of strategic emerging industries and upgrading of traditional industries in central plains.