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Deputy Secretary of Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Wang Xinwei investigated the institute

2018-11-22 10:49:06

On November 20, Deputy Secretary of Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Wang Xinwei came to the institute to investigate the innovation development of major new R&D institutions. Vice Mayor Shi Zhanyong and Secretary-General Wang Wanpeng, and the main responsible comrades of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology Commission, Finance Bureau, Jinshui District and other departments accompanied the investigation. Zhang Suojiang, Academician of Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Nie Yi, Executive Vice President of the Academy and others gave warm reception to the delegation of Wang Xinwei.


Accompanied by Zhang Suojiang, the delegation of Wang Xinwei first visited the R&D laboratory and achievements exhibition hall, and listened to Zhang Suojiang's introduction on the research progress and achievements of the institute in four fields of new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, life and health and new materials, and learnt the R&D progress and achievement transformation of new technologies in detail, such as power battery, thermoplastic composite material and ionic liquid green spinning etc., and conducted inquiries and exchanges on the future development planning and new park construction of the institute. Nie Yi made a detailed report on the construction ideas, major progress and future planning of major new research and development institutions.

Wang Xinwei expressed his high compliment on the institute's guidance by the demand of local government and enterprises, scientific research layout around the leading industry of Zhengzhou, building a high-level innovation platform through multiple channels and strategic orientation of technological innovation in service enterprises; he expressed affirmation for the institute's innovation and development in the system and mechanism of new R&D institutions. He expressed that, scientific research and talents are the important supporting forces for Zhengzhou to build a national central city, as the first branch scientific research institution under the system of Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced in Zhengzhou, the institute injected strong momentum for Zhengzhou's independent innovation ability. For future development, he pointed out, firstly, continuously strengthen market orientation, promote the existing mature technology, to achieve seamless connection between scientific research and industry, in order to drive the industrial structure adjustment of Zhengzhou; secondly, sustained promotion of science and education integration, based on the institute, to introduce the scientific and educational strength of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, expand research scale to form a new highland of science and education in Henan province; thirdly, continuously increase investment in scientific research, focus on creating innovation-oriented R&D platform, to achieve high-end talents efficient aggregation by platform construction. He requested the relevant government departments to attach great importance, pertinently do well in the work of helping, coordinating and supporting, and hope the institute continue to exert its technical and talent advantages, and contribute greater contributions to the quality-improving and efficiency-increasing development of economic society in Zhengzhou.

Zhang Suojiang gave gratitude to the Zhengzhou Municipal Government and other relevant departments for their concern and support. He expressed that the institute will continue to adhere to the spirit of true and practical work, based on its own scientific research advantages, combining the demand of leading industries in Zhengzhou, through implementing the integrated development of science and education and establishing the innovative association of government, industry, education and research, and many other ways to promote the cooperation of multi-subjects, form strong joint force in tackling key problems in science and technology, strive to build the institute to a high-level innovation base for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Zhengzhou and the central plains, and play a leading role in science and technology for the strategic new industry development and traditional industry upgrading in Henan Province.