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Li Xiaohu, Director of Management Committee of Zhengzhou Jinshui Science and Education Park, and his delegation visited Institute of Process Engineering

2018-10-30 10:51:03

On October 26, Li Xiaohu, director of management committee of Zhengzhou Jinshui Science and Education Park, vice director Wang Hao and four others visited Institute of Process Engineering. Chen Yunfa, secretary of the party committee, and Nie Yi, deputy director of Zhengzhou Branch took part in relevant activities.

Chen Yunfa welcomed Li Xiaohu and his delegation at the symposium, and introduced the basic situation of the process institute and the development plan of “one institute and two wings” strategic pattern, and expressed gratitude to the strong support to Zhengzhou branch gave by Zhengzhou Jinshui Science and Education Park in the areas of transitional housing, land for capital construction, scientific research funds, etc. Li Xiaohu fully affirmed the achievements of Zhengzhou branch since its establishment, he said, Zhengzhou Jinshui Science and Education Park is committed to build an international science and technology city that integrates the foundation of R&D and innovation achievements, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the industrialization platform, Zhengzhou branch exerts an important role in leading innovation, the park will continue to provide relevant support in the next step to ensure the smooth development of the construction work for Zhengzhou branch.

Accompanied by Nie Yi, Li Xiaohu then visited the virtual process laboratory and the national engineering laboratory of hydrometallurgy, Beijing key laboratory of ionic liquid cleaning process, and state key laboratory of biochemical engineering, he praised the deep technological accumulation and advanced scientific research conditions possessed by the process institute, and is fully confident about Zhengzhou branch on supporting the future prospects of innovation and development of local industries.