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Enterprise Cooperation

R&D and Industrial Application of Waterborne Resin and Waterborne Industrial Paint Technology - Nanyang Xinggang Coatings Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Nanyang Xinggang Coatings Co., Ltd. is a professional coatings R&D, production enterprise jointly established by Xinggang group and Shenzhen Xinggang Lacquer Technology Co., Ltd., and has formed strategic cooperative relations with top coatings research institutions in China, such as China Petroleum Changzhou Coatings Chemical Research Institute, College of Engineering, China University of Petroleum, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University, East China Jiaotong University, Zhengzhou University, etc. The main products are alkyd, epoxy, acrylic paint, asphalt paint, inorganic paint, waterborne metal paint, waterborne wood paint, powder coating, self-spray paint, emulsion paint, etc. It is a large-scale coatings enterprise with complete categories, reliable quality and reasonable price that is rare in China.

Cooperation Background

Waterborne industrial paint is a coating with water as the solvent, and it is like solvent paint, waterborne industrial paint has the advantages of non-toxic environmental protection, odorless, few volatile substances, non-flammable and non-explosive, etc., and is a green environmental protection product without using organic solvent as diluent. Waterborne industrial paint started late in China, with the ever-improvement on national environmental protection laws and regulations, increasingly awareness of environmental protection from coating enterprises and the public, development of water-borne environmental protection coatings are inevitable. In recent years, the air quality in China has deteriorated seriously, which has further promoted the domestic process of environmental protection construction, the introduction of a series of national environmental protection policies and measures, are providing protection for the environment, but policy support alone is clearly insufficient, scientific and technological progress is also required, to advance the rapid development and use of series of environmental protection materials, so the contradiction between environmental protection and development can be truly solved. Coatings industry is also developing in the direction of energy saving and environmental protection in the late years, and the waterborne coatings are a rapidly developing field in environmental protection coatings.

Cooperative Contents

At present, our institute has signed a technology development contract with Nanyang Xinggang Coatings Co., Ltd., based on the technical advantage and R&D platform in the waterborne resin R&D of research department of new materials, we jointly carried out R&D of waterborne resin and waterborne industrial paint with Nanyang Xinggang Coatings Co., Ltd.; and through in-depth research and analysis of the formula and process of existing products, scientific and reasonable improvement plan has been proposed, so as to improve the quality of waterborne resin and waterborne industrial paint of Party A. 

Expected Results And Prospects

The smooth implementation of the project can increase the water resistance durability of waterborne resins and waterborne industrial paints and promotion and application in fields of marine climate, high salt fog resistance, hot and humid weather, flash rust resistance, water immersion resistance and corrosive atmosphere, automotive parts, automotive topcoat, etc. It plays an exemplary role in accelerating the scale application of waterborne resins and waterborne industrial paints in Henan region and even in China, promoting regional economic development, building an environment-friendly society, and raising the overall technical level of China's coating industry.