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Institutional Establishment

Research department of new energy technology

The research department of new energy technology caters to the development of new integrated technology of lithium battery. It focuses on solving and breaking through technical difficulties in the production and promotion process of new power battery and energy battery to help with the technological innovation and industrial upgrading. The research department has independent intellectual property rights and industrial technology in terms of power battery with high energy intensity, low temperature power battery, fast charging battery and other high-tech products.

Research department of Energy conservation and environmental protection

To handle special metal resources and three industrial wastes in Zhengzhou and Henan Province, the research department has developed efficient transformation of complex minerals. It cooperates with multiple industries to break through common theory, core equipment and system integration in the process of pollutant treatment and R & D of environment-friendly products by which technology and equipment of complete industrialization have been formed. Several major scientific and technological achievements that stimulated energy saving and environmental protection industry in Zhengzhou have been acquired.

Research department of new material

To handle common problems and key technologies in super hard material and products, new refractory of top grade, high end aluminum and aluminum alloy material and new functional material, the research department has made a composition in powder material, new refractory and surface engineering. A technical platform in support of new material development, scale preparation and surface engineering development has been built to promote the rapid development of new material industry in Zhengzhou and neighboring regions.

Research department of life and health

Based on the basic research and industrialization process of biotechnology products, platforms for high efficient separation and purification, biotechnology drug and natural products and nutrients have been established to provide the key manufacturing technologies for biomedical and medical devices as well as engineering techniques for nutrition and health food production, having promoted the rapid development of life and health industry in Zhengzhou.