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About Us

Zhengzhou Institute of Emerging Industrial Technology is a scientific research institution founded in January 2016 co-built by Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhengzhou Government and Jinshui District Government. Our location is in the Jinshui Science & Education Park of Yangjin Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City. 

With aims of technology development, transformation of achievements, talent development and business incubation, the Institute mainly conducts scientific researches in four fields: new energy technology, energy conservation and environment protection, new material as well as life and health. Our aim is to open up a hollow chain for scientific researches of “Foundation-Application- Industrialization”.

Adhering to the developmental ideology of “Demand-driven, People-oriented, Step-by-step, World-class”, the Institute is operated to meet the urgent demands for economic transition in central China. Relying on intellectual and human resource advantages of Chinese Academy of Sciences, we have developed and transformed a batch of targeted major scientific research achievements, introduced and developed numerous brilliant talents capable of scientific research, engineering and business operation in association with local universities and scientific research institutions. The Institute will achieve the world-class development goals through gradual development based on the established construction scheme. 

The main campus of the Institute covers an area of around 33 acres. Phase I Project is planned to be completed by the end of 2019 including R & D Complex, Pilot and Industrialization Base, Incubator Center for Small and Medium Enterprises and other buildings with a total area of 60000m2; it is planned to build 4 research amplification and complete set pilot platforms and 5-10 national and provincial R&D platforms; in the meanwhile, the Institute strives to achieve 1-3 national major science and technology projects, transform 3-5 major scientific and technological achievements and organize a dozen of integrated technology demonstration and application projects within 5 years. 

In the context of a new round of comprehensive scientific and technological cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the Henan Provincial People's Government, Zhengzhou Institute of Emerging Technology Industries will take the lead in building the innovation base in Zhengzhou for Chinese Academy of Sciences. We will promote the conversion of major scientific and technological achievements upon major science and technology demands of economic and social development in related fields. Moreover, we will provide technical support and guidance for the strategic development of emerging industries and upgrading of traditional industries.